HIFIDIY LIVE Bluetooth 5.0 AUX TPA3116 Digital Power Amplifier board 2x 50W 100W speaker Stereo Audio AMP Module Home music 502C – Musicianbuds
HIFIDIY LIVE Bluetooth 5.0 AUX TPA3116 Digital Power Amplifier board 2x 50W 100W speaker Stereo Audio AMP Module Home music 502C
(87 customer reviews)

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HIFIDIY LIVE Bluetooth 5.0 AUX TPA3116 Digital Power Amplifier board 2x 50W 100W speaker Stereo Audio AMP Module Home music 502C 5
HIFIDIY LIVE Bluetooth 5.0 AUX TPA3116 Digital Power Amplifier board 2x 50W 100W speaker Stereo Audio AMP Module Home music 502C 8
HIFIDIY LIVE Bluetooth 5.0 AUX TPA3116 Digital Power Amplifier board 2x 50W 100W speaker Stereo Audio AMP Module Home music 502C 3
HIFIDIY LIVE Bluetooth 5.0 AUX TPA3116 Digital Power Amplifier board 2x 50W 100W speaker Stereo Audio AMP Module Home music 502C 7
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Unit Price:

PA50 50W*2 Bluetooth 5.0 = $10
TPA3116 50W*2 Bluetooth 5.0 + AUX = $11.8
PA50 100W*2 Bluetooth 5.0 = $12
TPA3116 100W*2 Bluetooth 5.0 + AUX = $15.8

Product Feature

This product has 4 versions to choose from, each version also has Bluetooth 5.0 function, power is divided into 50W and 100W, with or without AUX analog input function, users can buy the version according to their own needs, the cost performance is very high!


1.For DIY—The outer casing is a material package, It needs to be assembled by itself, and the material package is given a screwdriver.

2.—Attention!The heat sink tape 3M glue needs to be pasted to the chip by itself. Please refer to the picture in the description. The hotter the more sticky the thermal conductivity is.The shell version needs to be assembled by yourself. Screwdriver is given with the shell version.

3.For use—The power switch on the board is standby switch. After the switch is off, the machine is in standby state with low power consumption. If the power is completely turned off or the DC plug on the machine can be unplugged for a long time.O

1.50W*2 Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 Digital Amplifier 50Wx2

1. Working mode: class D
2.Audio input: support bluetooth 5.0,
3. Rated output power: 50W+50W
4. Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz
5. Working voltage: DC5V to DC24V
6. Recommended power voltage: DC19V
7. Fit speaker parameters: 4-8 ohms
8. size: 55*38*17mm
9.Net weight: about 52g

2. 50W*2 Bluetooth 5.0 +AUX

Bluetooth 5.0 +AUX Digital Amplifier 50Wx2

1. Working mode: class D
2.Audio input: support bluetooth 5.0, AUX
3. Rated output power: 50W+50W
4. Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz
5. Working voltage: DC5V to DC24V
6. Recommended power voltage: DC19V
7. Fit speaker parameters: 4-8 ohms
8. size: 82*50*18mm
9.Net weight: about 111g

3. 100W*2 Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 Digital Amplifier 100Wx2

1. Working mode: class D
2.Audio input: support bluetooth 5.0,
3. Rated output power: 100W+100W
4. Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz
5. Working voltage: DC5V to DC24V
6. Recommended power voltage: DC19V
7. Fit speaker parameters: 4-8 ohms
8. size: 69*53*22mm
9.Net weight: about 124g

4. 100W*2 Bluetooth 5.0 +AUX

Bluetooth 5.0 +AUX Digital Amplifier 100Wx2

1. Working mode: class D
2.Audio input: support bluetooth 5.0, AUX
3. Rated output power: 100W+100W
4. Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz
5. Working voltage: DC5V to DC24V
6. Recommended power voltage: DC19V
7. Fit speaker parameters: 4-8 ohms
8. size: 84*52*24mm
9.Net weight: about 130g

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Maximum Power Per Channel


Model Number





2 (2.0)

87 reviews for HIFIDIY LIVE Bluetooth 5.0 AUX TPA3116 Digital Power Amplifier board 2x 50W 100W speaker Stereo Audio AMP Module Home music 502C

  1. A***o

    Excellent amplifier, came quickly packed well, until I checked but the quality of soldering is good, I recommend)

  2. A***o

    Works great 5 Stars!!!

  3. E***Z

    It’s great. South of the city of Jerel napuga 15 in the time of the impulsion block of the living room. Niyakh 3rd party noise does not smell. The force of the jet on the middle of the gucності is not a 0,15 A. One hour is a short signal without a full voice.

  4. AliExpress Shopper

    Great sound and well made.
    the only problem is that speakers “move” while moving the potentiometer, probably because of a problem of coupling.

  5. AliExpress Shopper

    Delivery to Len OBL just over a month.
    The old column started in a new way.

  6. a***o

    Is a very beautiful bluetooth amplifier, didn’t to anything the whirr of final, i haven’t tried the maximum volume but even if it were to reach 70 watt ceilings, I would be pure fine
    I recommend the version 100w output Jack, you have more power output thanks to the 4 coils

  7. j***n

    Very good experience, very fast shipping and very well protected total and fully recommended this seller

  8. J***.

    If own column which previously well grały it definitely is not zawiedziesz. I napędzałem column KEF C7. I have to say that great is a game at the end of the scale volume hear distortion. If you are not audiofilem it not zawiedziesz. Power Inverter 24v 8A. When odkręconym on maca wzmacniaczu heatsink was warm not hot. Shipment instant CA 14 days to Poland.

  9. V***o

    It works fine.
    Checked with power supply 19v 4.74a. (Use 24V 4A or 24v 6A units to achieve maximum volume)
    No background noise. The sound quality is good, on the entire range of adjustments.
    Bluetooth range about 10 meters.
    There are not enough adjustments to LF and HF.
    Packed well, nothing beat.
    Thermal paste under the radiator was already applied.
    Oh, no pay. The signal from the phone by aux is much quieter than by Bluetooth.
    The dimensions of the change than I expected.
    In the kit there was a screwdriver and a piece of cable with a power connector.
    There are no legs at the body, it is necessary to finalize, it slips on the table.
    For its price-it is hardly possible to find something better, especially with Bluetooth.

  10. R***r

    Подключил к тв через ayx с блоком питания 19 v. Всё работает отлично. С телефоном через блютуз сопрягается молниеносно. Звук громкий и качественный. Блок питания покупал у этого же продавца. Рекомендую.

  11. Y***e

    Very fast delivery and nice audio quality bluetooth amp ever I seen it.

  12. A***v

    Пришло быстро, дпд. Отлично играет, посторонних шумов нет, блютуз на метров 8-10 по открытому пространству. Блок питания 15В 400мА от дрели, от ноутбука не подошёл разъем.

  13. P***y

    Well Packaged. Works very well. Received in 8 days. Easy assembly even without instructions.

  14. E***a

    Packed well, it’s time. They did not communicate with the seller.

  15. s***o


  16. d***d

    The goods came to Odessa for 15 days, well packed, did not find damage, everything looks good! Thank you to the seller! I recommend. I haven’t checked yet, I’ll check it out!

  17. AliExpress Shopper

    Good quality, work properly. Fast shipping. Good seller.

  18. D***h

    пришёл в разобранном виде. в подарок была отвёртка. всем доволен. спасибо продавцу.

  19. v***v

    The parcel came in two weeks, everything works, packed very well. Connections of bltose no female voice there are sound signals.

  20. M***h

    Amplifier proven dziala sensationally. dziekuje You

  21. v***o

    The parcel went a month to Kaliningrad, in appearance everything is whole, I’ll connect with the feedback.

  22. R***i

    Very good product. I’ve used it with fake JBL Extreme and sound quality is now much better.

  23. a***o

    Excellent product!
    I checked with my Mission, A little durette to fly and despite have used a power supply 12v, waiting for arrivals one by 24v, I was stupefied.
    We are always talking about a product from 10 euro, but destroys competitors that cost even 20/30 times as much. Arrived in 18 days

  24. R***r

    The columns from the old Panasonic are shaking. And at 100 cotton “Yamo” Jamo “is not enough. In such toys, the declared power should be divided in half and received what they give out

  25. G***o

    Buon ampluficstore. Meglio utilizzare un App equalizzatore.

  26. L***o

    work greatly…

  27. S***k

    Less than two weeks on the road. Connected to the BC laptop Asus. No interference. Although by sound, I expected better. Consumes current at idle rate of 1,3 A, if bulk, up to 4,5 A. BC cold, fee too. Changed the thermal paste, but it turned out to be there. You can take it. Made the Bluetooth column to the TV.

  28. V***v

    Cool amplifier, came very quickly, literally in 12 days, delivery DPD, the city of Syktyvkar. Small, miniature, but shakes and shakes.

  29. AliExpress Shopper

    Great product… Tested fast but works to duty

  30. H***s

    It works pretty well, but I wish you could turn off the bluetooth and use only the auxiliary. Regarding good quality. Use 12v 3A power supply.

  31. p***p

    It came to the box dense, the amplifier in the box in the navel. Everything is neat, beautiful. At work has not yet checked. It is not expected that such a small)

  32. A***k

    The goods are in pupyrka. Navel in Box 1, Box 1 in box 2. Box 2 in the package. Everything is done well. Paste-Sparrow on the X .. Smear. Radiator removable. I’ll add after the run-up.

  33. I***c

    It came exactly everything according to the description, very quickly 10 days before Yekaterinburg, many thanks to the seller (I advise!)

  34. S***z

    It came very fast, well packed. I haven’t tried it yet.

  35. V***n

    The goods arrived quickly. To Kharkov in 20 days. Packed well. Checked Bluetooth, aux did not check, Hope also works. Soldering is good.

  36. A***v

    Доставка в Тамбовскую область около 2-х недель. Приобретал не для себя, работоспособность не проверял.

  37. Y***v

    The parcel went for a long time, but as a bonus I think, instead of the chips tpa3116d2 cost tpa3126d2! Connected, everything works fine, I had a 3116 version. So, 3126 sound better, the bottoms are more and the hissing is not from the word at all

  38. G***z

    At the date indicated
    The product I is perfect

  39. t***t

    Fast shipping arrive ahead of schedule
    I still don’t prove it.

  40. s***s

    Great amplifier! 24V 3A for it just right, though at max. Volume burns more than 4.5 amps (during Bass),

  41. e***e

    Arrived fast for Parnamirim RN, works very well with 12v 2Va and 19V 3A recommend.

  42. K***o

    Работает все прекрасно от 5 до 27 вольт, пришло быстро упаковано хорошо в комплекте болтики втулки отвертка, разъём питания.

  43. O***v

    Ordered 31.01 received 13.02.21.
    , Quickly, the seller is well done, I hope and quality will please as I try to unsubscribe.

  44. 0***r

    Good uselok works, neighbors knock on the walls, the sound of fire, Bluetooth immediately connected 2 speakers for 120 watts 4 ohms,

  45. A***v

    Bluetooth distance to: 15 m
    Bluetooth standard protocol: Bluetooth 5,0 + EDR
    Rated Power: 110 W × 2 (power supply 24v, load 4ohm)
    Input interface: Bluetooth, aux
    Sampling rate: 1,2 MHz
    Operating mode: automatic switching
    Amplifier chip: American Ti tpa3116 × 2
    Power Input: dc5v-27v/4A or above
    Dimensions (excluding speakers): (W) 84 × (D) 52 × (H) 24mm (without volume control)
    Net Weight: 134 grams. The amplifier shakes perfectly, it remains to buy a certain unit of power to it to give out 100W. It is recommended to use 18v19v24v power supply with current above 5A. If you only have 9v12v or 1A 2A power supply, you can also use it-but with low power. Be careful when using at maximum volume, it can cause distortion and affect the sound quality.

  46. V***h

    In the garage for several years stood speakers from the center of Sony, now they have a new life

  47. O***M

    The amplifier is happy as an elephant, the quality is very good. Delivery to Lipetsk 12 days through Pyaterochka, size without a regulator with a plastic card. From 12 volts at half the volume begins to fall off, and from BP the laptop plays better. The background on the pause is not at all, the speakers of the amphiphon 35as-18 shake normally. I bought for 730 rubles, the price justifies itself.

  48. A***v

    Delivery 2 weeks. Connected to BP 12 volts 3A. Bluetooth immediately found. AS50 is pumping. I didn’t try the auction. I recommend the seller. although I did not communicate.

  49. J***z

    100% satisfied with amplifiers, operate perfectly

  50. M***a

    Good thing and works fine. I normally earned on 15 V charging.

  51. J***o

    It’s compact, easy to assemble, it came very fast, I don’t prove it yet.

  52. A***v

    I’m happy with the goods, I shake the music on Hurray. In the off state there is consumption. The goods are satisfied.

  53. N***o

    полный комплект, всё целое и хорошо упаковано. проверю и дополнительно отпишусь.

  54. 6***r

    Very good amplifier, the sound is clean, the bass is a little missing. The parcel came quickly, packed in two boxes, disassembled, assembled as a designer. In general, everything is super, I recommend!

  55. K***a

    The amplifier merges well and is smaller than I expected. Already did some tests and realized that using the Bluetooth sound is highest. Really the product is high quality and worth the price that costs. Am satisfied but will do some more tests with different speakers and with different power sources for see him running. After I come back here;)

  56. D***Y

    Все работает,товаром доволен.
    посылка отслеживалась все время.

  57. g***g

    Perfectly works! connected two speakers, and connected to the TV via Bluetooth, and everything is OK!

  58. F***a

    It’s a little smaller than I thought it would be and surprisingly connects faster via bluetooth than my other brand speakers, the power is pretty good, any old laptop charger you have saved, but it still comes with a cable to adapt easily and the price is excellent, I had doubts and the seller responded to me immediately, quality of service.

  59. N***i

    Отличный усилитель, поёт чисто и очень громко, всем советую!!! Это мой лучший усилок за все время

  60. N***n

    Everything is super, delivery is fast, the amplifier is excellent! Thank you all advise.

  61. l***l

    Amplifier Super! Came to Moscow in 3 weeks. Packed perfectly, plus all parts in individual bags. Assembled qualitatively. Soldering is very good, clean, without defects and traces of flux.
    Connected to the 19 V power supply from the laptop. Bluetooth works clearly, pairing fast. Sound quality without interference.
    I definitely recommend the seller and the product!
    I hope that someone helped determine the choice))

  62. A***l

    It came quickly. I took the cheapest without an auction for 50 watts. He plays with dignity. The columns from the old center shake the norms (even with the fact that they are on the 6th). For fans of the bottoms will not go. Plays midbass at + 100500. I recorded for a test on 12 volts 5A. if I give 24, I think it will be even better. I took for a car, so I did not even try on 24 V, so as not to be upset))). This version is without heatsink. I got mine from the old mother’s chipset. Do not use the wire that is included. Wire cross section is funny. First he connected it, then directly from the block-the sky and the Earth. When you turn on the absolute silence in the columns, even at maximum volume, even with the connected blouse. In short, the thing is good. It is a pity that not 100 Wat took-Cheta missed when ordering.

  63. A***h

    Everything is fine, the delivery is fast, as I will collect the feedback. Product and seller recommend

  64. N***c

    this is great small ampfiler for boat small home! i love it! clear sound for its size very poverful! works even with large hifi stereo speaker.

  65. M***e

    Top Product

  66. K***r

    12 days to Yaroslavl, packed in two boxes and pupyrku excellent, size with a credit card

  67. W***s

    Great sound quality for your small size delivers what it promises, achegou super fast.

  68. P***v

    I take it not the first time, delivery to the fifth 7 days. Everything is super. Pleasant bonus, screw and rack. With a 19v 4.7a power supply, mom does not rock! The sound quality depends on the source with its settings. The columns from the old muse center have made a new sense. Bluetooth clings on hurray, no foreign noise. Check the polarity, on the lid it is not correctly specified.

  69. B***g

    Amplifier arrived, I tried and I have to say that for my project works great are satisfied.
    Thank you, the product like and you have been fast in delivery. Good. At the next order. Regards‍♂️‍♂️

  70. A***v

    I did not include it yet, but everything looks good. Shipping fast. The radiator seemed small, I’ll probably make a fan.

  71. d***o

    Experience excellent, the product reflects whatever is specified in the description

  72. D***i

    good sound, very small size, 19v laptop power supply

  73. D***v

    This amplifier is GREAT i have connected 2x pioneer HPM-500 speakers I had lying around and brought them back to life! The volume and the sound quality is amazing. They are powered by an old 18V laptop charger.

  74. a***e

    Thank you very much now I will collect it

  75. k***k

    The product fully corresponds to the description of the class I’m delighted!

  76. K***v

    Excellent amplifier, connected Vega AS50, repels on Hurray even on 12V, does not heat. Bluetooth is excellent, the sound is clean. Right when you connect via Jack 3.5 background goes

  77. N***v

    It came faster than the delivery date! Russian mail sometimes can surprise in a good way!))

  78. v***r

    Received at the island of Reunion, not the time for testing, I will do it soon.

  79. v***r

    For with 90 little but my luyuyuyubiem kindergarten behind the wall very like to mlushat my Rock

  80. g***a

    Assembled, everything works. Connected from the laptop power supply, the speaker with a nominal value of 60 watts is opened completely. Thermal paste on the radiator is fresh, the finger-meter says the chip is very heated. 24V I wouldn’t give the rice. When connected to a 12,6 Volt (3S) battery at full volume, the same speaker does not stretch. I will collect a Bluetooth column for 5s. Baba no, when turning off the volume control, the Bluetooth continues to work, the power should be completely turned off. I recommend to buy.

  81. V***i

    Collected in 2 minutes, connected to the power supply from the laptop, the Bluetooth connection is instant, the sound is good. I’m happy with the purchase! Seller-well done!

  82. m***m

    The seller sent the order lightning, delivery fast, connected through BP 19 volts from the laptop, connected one column to 65 W, exhaust for their money and small dimensions-it’s hot!!! Recommend!!!

  83. W***s

    Well packed, arrived fast, yet not tested the sound.

  84. V***o

    Not a bad amplifier for your money! 50 watts is unlikely to give out, but 40-45 is definitely there. Note that under the cooling radiator is a normal black double-sided self-adhesive for the place of thermal paste. Immediately removed it, put thermal paste and cooling came in normal

  85. I***v

    Delivery is normal, two weeks to n.s.o. from 20 volt power supply, overplayed not a weak muse. The center of the Samsung on his native speakers. could not swing the amplifier from the phone through B. T. And A. U. x, that’s through the MP3 module turned out. took 2×100.

  86. D***v

    Not bat, great

  87. L***n

    Fantastic!! I’m impressed with how well it goes.

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